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Cyndaquill will be available in the wild.  Cyndaquill shiny variant has already been released..
Evolving Quilava into Typholosion will learn the exclusive Charged Attack Blast Burn (Fire). Evolve until 7pm to gain the move.
PokéStop Showcases will be available for Cyndaquill and Typholosion.


3-hour Incense (Doesn't incude Daily Incense)
3-hour Lures (Doesn't include Golden Lures)
5x Photobomb by Cyndaquill

Wild Spawns


Cyndaquill Community Day Classic

Event-exclusive Special Research Story

For $1.00 (USD) (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you’ll be able to access the Cyndaquill Community Day Classic–exclusive Special Research story, Cyndaquill Community Day Classic.



Cyndaquill and its evolutions are already available and shown here as a reminder..